Class 11 Online Classes

Why is Class 11 fundamental?

After successfully acing the class 10th board exam or the Madhyamik exam, students are often confused as to their next step. Students are required to take one of the most significant decisions of their life which in turn will shape their future career. They have to decide which stream of studies they want to pursue among the three available – Humanities, Science, and Commerce. Once you have made a choice of the stream that is suitable for you, you will need proper guidance as advanced and in-depth lessons are imparted in a detailed manner. Tutopia is a new-age learning app which would facilitate seamless preparation for your class 11 as it provides online classes for class 11.

Benefits of choosing Tutopia for your Class 11 studies:

  • In the entire West Bengal, Tutopia is the unique app which offers live online classes for all streams of Class 11 of WBCHSE.
  • Tutopia’s greatest advantage is that the study content for online Class 11 is exclusively in Bengali language and thus the students do not have to face the language barrier.
  • Great helpful features like chapter-wise notes and the revision lessons impart the feeling of attending a tuition class in reality.
  • Students get a chance to recall their concepts better with Tutopia’s practice tests designed for each topic on all subjects.
  • Our team of skilled teachers will make your learning easy and help you to excel in your class 11 WBCHSE examinations.
  • The best learning app for class 11 available in West Bengal is Tutopia.
  • In order to explore more opportunities, you may subscribe to us soon!

How to Study for WB Board Class 11 (Preparation Tips)

  1. It is central that students have an awareness of their respective school syllabus before initiating their exam preparation.
  2. If you are willing to score higher marks in the exams, one of the profitable ways is by solving past year question papers and/or sample papers.
  3. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they have a meticulous and coherent understanding of the lessons that are taught in their respective classes.
  4. It is absolutely mandatory that students adhere to the prescribed subject textbooks strictly and prepare keeping in mind the dictates of the syllabus.
  5. While you are going through your lessons, make it certain that you are capable of writing short notes on what you are reading.
  6. Last but not least, keep learning and stay connected with Tutopia for the trendiest news on your Class 11 (WB Board) exam preparation.

Importance of Class 11

At this stage, students have to take the vital decision which stream of subjects they have an interest in and which topics excite them the most. They can request their teachers and parents to help them in making this choice as they will be able to explain what choosing a particular stream entails. But more importantly, the students should rely on their personal inclination towards studies to make the apt choice. While seniors and grown-ups might help or guide you, the final call has to be made by you as it is intricately linked with your future prospects and career opportunities. It is crucial that the students properly understand the importance and impact of choosing that particular stream which they have opted for as it is the primary decisive factor in their academic and professional life.

Features of Tutopia–

Live Audio-Visual (AV) Classes

The predicament related to studies was solved as soon as Tutopia arrived onboard in West Bengal as their live online classes breathed new life into digital education. Our chief aim is to not let the pandemic disrupt with the preparation of the WBCHSE Class 11 students who can effortlessly pick an online platform like Tutopia to fill the gap in their studies. The engaging AV classes that Tutopia brings to you provide you with the ambience of a real life offline classroom.

Chapter-wise Notes

TTutopia ensures that there is no gap in your studies as a result of which it provides you with top-notch notes on every single chapter of all the subjects. These inclusive and detailed notes assist in proper understanding and analysis of individual chapters. Tutopia has further eased the process for students by making these notes available in PDF format which are readily downloadable for future use.

Practice Session

Tutopia wants to create new crop of well-equipped learners as they sternly believe in the saying “practice makes perfect.” In order to make this come true, we provide our students with regular-basis practice sessions ranging across all the chapters to craft them as perfect learners. This would be a very handy feature for the senior students as these Practice sessions are prepared in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format.