What is Tutopia?

Tutopia is a compact online learning app for Bengali medium students of West Bengal Board from classes VII to XII. Syllabus-based knowledge of all subjects from languages to science, maths to history, geography are presented to the students in the form of video classes. They are also presented in a cinematic way using lucid language, brilliant graphics and great animations. You will get it at a fair price and the best quality

tutopia for students_002 1
tutopia for students_002 1

Now we will also Speak in English — Spoken English

Not being able to speak in English is one of the reasons for the inferiority of most of the students studying in Bengali medium. So for these students, the Communicative English or Spoken English Course, which Tutopia has brought, is completely free. See how you can get this opportunity.

Reciting, drawing, dancing, singing — Let’s learn, Let’s have FUN

Apart from studies, TUTOPIA PLUS is made up of recitation, dance, singing, chess, speed maths, drawing, guitar, piano, story and novel writing lessons and much more. It is very important for students to be exposed to this kind of cultural education from childhood not only for professional reasons but also for building healthy character.

tutopia for students_002 1
tutopia for students_002 1

Tutopia Smart Coaching

A Tutopia Smart Coaching is arriving in every pincode of West Bengal for those who don't have a smartphone or poor internet connection, as well as parents who want personal supervision like a private tutor to improve their child's studies. Where every student can study at hourly cost.

Want to be a "Business Partner" of Tutopia?

You can also start your own independent business with a small investment by joining us as a Tutopia “Business Partner”. You can join Tutopia by becoming a Tutopia Micro Partner or Distributor. Apart from this, you can also start Tutopia Smart Coaching in your own pincode with Tutopia Franchisee. How? Let's find out.

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tutopia for students_002 1
tutopia for students_002 1

For private teachers

Apart from school education, the role of private tutors is very important in our educational life. For private tutors who want to work hand in hand with Tutopia, contact us. Tutopia enriches you with up-to-date teachers training, study material, test series and Tutopia app. Learn more about how to be a Tutopia Certified Private Tutor in your area. Hope your company in this educational revolution of Tutopia will greatly enrich both of us.

For every school in West Bengal

Our appeal to every school in West Bengal is that if the school authorities subscribe to Tutopia for 20 percent of the students in their school, then it is our responsibility to reach the remaining 80 percent of the students free of cost. Not only that, students will also get all Tutopia Plus tutorials for free. Let's see how we can make this impossible happen.

tutopia for students_002 1
tutopia for students_002 1

Let your own school be digital!

Men are nostalgic in nature. Especially the level of nostalgia for the school that has been passed over the years is totally different. Many talented students who are established in the country and abroad today, despite the desire to do something for their school, they may not be able to do anything due to lack of time and opportunity. Tutopia provides proposals to those accomplished alumni, if you want, take the responsibility by providing 20% of your former school's students with a modern standard of education; Tutopia will take responsibility for the rest of the school i.e. 80% of the students to stand by you and your school.

Stand by the distressed students

Education is the only path to liberation. We dream that not a single child in West Bengal should fall behind in the race for the future due to lack of education. So come forward and take charge of one or more students. Give poor talented children a chance to study in Tutopia. Let your donation help a disadvantaged child to get all the facilities of a modern education system. Eliminate social discrimination.

tutopia for students_002 1

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