Class 8 Online Classes

One of the most important classes in the school curriculum is class 8 when students have to make the transition from a lower class to a higher class. Generally, classes 8, 9, and 10 are together termed as Middle School. Class 8 is a significant preliminary stage of the Middle School and students have just been released from the clutch of Class7 where mostly rudimentary concepts are taught. It is vital to thoroughly understand the topics to strengthen one’s basic understanding of any of the numerous subjects taught. Tutopia, the new age learning app is here to facilitate this by guiding you through your preparation for Class 8 school exams.

Benefits of choosing Tutopia for your Online class 8 school exams:

  • We are the only app offering live online classes for Class 8 of West Bengal board.
  • Tutopia’s study content for online Class 8 is exclusively in Bengali language.
  • Chapter-wise notes and the revision lessons give the feeling of attending a tuition class in reality.
  • Practice tests for each topic on all subjects help students to remember their concepts better.
  • Our experienced teachers will help you learn with ease and excel in your class 8 WB Board examinations.
  • Tutopia is the best learning app for class 8 available in West Bengal.
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How to Study for WB Board Class 8 (Preparation Tips)

  1. Students must be aware of their respective school syllabus before beginning their exam preparation.
  2. One of the efficient ways to score higher marks in the exams is by solving previous year question papers and/or sample papers.
  3. Students should make sure that they have clearly grasped the lessons that are taught in their respective classes.
  4. Students must strictly adhere to the prescribed subject text books and prepare in accordance with the syllabus.
  5. While studying your concepts thoroughly, take care to ensure that you can write short notes on what you have read.
  6. Keep learning and stay in touch with Tutopia for the latest update on your Class 8 (WB Board)Exam preparation.

Importance of Class 8

WB Board Class 8 is considered as one of the key stages in the academic career of a student. It is a Class in which you need to understand all the fundamental theories which will help you to understand the advanced topics in your further grades and score better marks. The reason behind this class being so important for a student is that in this standard, students are taught all the basic concepts that will later be required in their future classes. Students of Class 8 should possess a thorough knowledge of the basics of each subject because in the next higher class they will encounter these very concepts albeit in a detailed form.

Features of Tutopia–

Live Audio-Visual (AV)Classes

With the advent of Tutopia in West Bengal live online classes as been facilitated which has redefined digital education. Our aim is to not let the pandemic interrupt with the preparation of the WBBSE Class 8 students who can easily opt for an online platform like Tutopia to fill the gap. Tutopia brings to you engaging AV classes which make you feel as if you are present inside the classroom.

Chapter-wise Notes

Tutopia provides you with high quality chapter-wise notes on each topic of all the subjects.These comprehensive notes assist in proper understanding and analysis of individual chapters. These notes are available in PDF format and available for download and future use.

Practice Session

Tutopia is a staunch believer in the phrase “practice makes perfect.” As a result, we provide our students with practice sessions covering all the chapters to turn them into a perfect learner. Quite conveniently, these Practice sessions are prepared in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format.