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Since the launch of the Tutopia Learning App, we have faced several challenges. Firstly, not all Bengali medium students have access to smartphones. Secondly, in rural areas, even those who have smartphones, often face weak internet connections, making it difficult for them to learn through an online app. So, how will they be able to learn through the app? Also, many parents who cannot afford the annual subscription fee of the app or lack financial support, how will they be able to provide their children with education? According to many parents, offline tuition alongside online classes is also crucial as they want their children to be taught by an individual teacher, take exams and provide personal guidance. Keeping these topics in mind, Tutopia has taken a unique initiative for those who do not have a smartphone or have weak internet connections or cannot afford yearly subscriptions. For those parents who want personal supervision for their child's education, Tutopia Smart Coaching has been started in every pin code in West Bengal. So don't delay anymore and start your learning journey with Tutopia Smart Coaching today.

What are the benefits of Tutopia Smart Coaching?

Advantage - 1

Study at low cost per hour. Provision of separate tabs for all students that means only one person will study in a tab.

Advantage - 2

Study at your convenience anytime from 7 am to 8 pm.

Advantage - 3

High-speed internet connection that allows you to watch tutorial videos without any interruptions.

Advantage - 4

Single monitoring system to guide students individually.

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