Stand by the distressed students

Education is the only path of liberation. Who knows it better than an educated person like you? But many students in West Bengal are victims of educational inequality due to economic reasons. That's why we have started a unique journey to bring this light of education to every house in West Bengal. And you can also join this journey today. Through us, you can also bring the light of education in the house of a poor student. You can make a gift of tutorial subscriptions from Tutopia to any poor brilliant student. By working together, you and Tutopia can provide the student with free tutorials in spoken English and Speed Math under Tutopia Plus. So, let's move forward together, extend our helping hand, so that no student becomes a victim of inequality in the field of education. Let no child in West Bengal be left behind in the race of the future. Come forward and take the responsibility of the education of one or more than one child. Let’s make West Bengal the best state in terms of education.

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