What Are The Four Types of Online Courses?

Posted On : 19 July 2021
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Tutopia learning app has emerged as one of the best e-learning apps in recent times. This learning app provides excellent integrated online education to students of the West Bengal board. The best features of this progressive app are that it offers comprehensive education in the Bengali language and also provides audio-visual tuition. This reasonably priced app offers superior education to myriads of students all over West Bengal. The Live online coaching class conducted by experienced teachers at Tutopia learning app is a new and efficient way of learning.


What are the four types of online courses?

There are four distinct types of online e learning courses. They are as follows:

1.    Asynchronous online course -

This type of e-learning course does not take place in real-time. The students are equipped with detailed course content and assignments. The pupils are then required to complete a task within the given time frame. The students need to complete coursework and exams. The interaction between educators and pupils happens through discussion boards, blogs etc. There is no class schedule, meeting or timing. Asynchronous online learning is effective for students who have time constraints or a very busy schedule.

2.    Synchronous online course -

In the synchronous online course the teacher and all the students communicate online at a certain time. This type of online coaching is similar to webinars where participants connect with each other via text messages, video calls or audio chats. The synchronous way of learning allows students to take part in a course in the distance but in real-time.

3.    Hybrid course -

The hybrid course is an integrated e-learning course. The online learning environment in hybrid courses makes room for both online interactions and in-person teaching. The hybrid course is devised to perfectly meet a student’s needs. Sometimes a teacher imparts education or knowledge in person during a semester etc. while at other times both the educator and the pupils depend on computer-based communication in the midst of face-to-face teaching sessions.

4.    Transformation course -

A transformation course offers a deeper level of understanding. This kind of course aims at helping students achieve better results. The transformation course enables pupils to analyse each and every chapter of a certain subject by means of a step-by-step teaching process.


Tutopia learning app has revolutionised education:

The Tutopia learning app has devised excellent e-learning techniques by means of the below mentioned processes:

1.    Video classes:

The outstanding video classes conducted by Tutopia learning app cover all subjects and chapters of the WB board.

·         The syllabus is updated as per the West Bengal board curriculum

·         It includes eye catchy graphics to make education interesting.

·         Highly experienced teachers conduct the video classes

          2.    Chapter-wise notes:

The chapter-wise notes enable students to comprehend each chapter.

·         The detailed notes are in tune with the updated curriculum of WB board.

·         The notes are in easily downloadable PDF format.

3.    Practice sessions:

The students are provided with umpteen practice sessions.

·         The practice session papers are set in Multiple Choice Question format.

·         Each correct answer is provided with an explanation.

·         The correct answer along with proper explanation automatically pops up after two consecutive incorrect answers.

4.    Preparatory tests:

The preparatory tests are useful for students to gain confidence.

·         The test papers are set in MCQ format.

·         The tests are strict time-based.

·         The tests allow self-assessment.

To conclude, the Tutopia learning app is the best e-learning app for students all over West Bengal. The affordability of the app has made it available to all and sundry.