Tips to Prepare for Madhyamik Exam 2023

Posted On : 01 July 2022
Posted By : admin

We all want to have a nice experience when it comes about sitting in the examinations. Exams equal to anxiety particularly if it happens to be the dreaded board exams. For the students of the West Bengal board, the class 10th board exams or Madhyamik is the first public exam they have to sit for. There would be very few who would not feel nervous to sit for a board exam. If you are puzzled about the state of preparation for your school exams, take the help of Tutopia. This learning app was launched during the pandemic and has helped the students to prepare their lessons. As a Madhyamik aspirant, you can rely on their online classes for class 10 for complete preparation.

Read this blog if you are keen to get some expert tips for performing remarkably in your Madhyamik exam 2023.

Know the syllabus

The first and foremost crucial step to commence your preparation is to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. You have to strictly abide by the syllabus prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examinations (WBBSE).

Practice PYQP

You have to make it a point to solve the previous years' question papers within the allotted time. This will give you a sense of the type and pattern of the questions asked. You will also be able to solve the question papers on the D day before time. 

Revise the concepts

It is very important to revise the concepts several times to have a lucid idea. It is not enough to go through the lessons just once. You have to revisit the topics to have a good grasp of the concepts.

Prepare short notes

It is quite important to prepare brief notes on the topics you have learned. In this way, it will be easy to revise the concepts quickly but also to write answers in the exam paper. These short notes would also help you to retain the concepts for a longer time.

Reference books and mock question papers

Consulting reference books and mock question papers would be very rewarding. This will help you to be acquainted with the types of questions to expect. You also get an idea of how to answer these questions to score higher marks.

Follow a routine

Preparing a daily schedule would assist you to divide your entire day into blocks. This would help you to focus on your study material in a better way. While preparing the daily routine, accommodate entertainment and leisure in it as well.

Ensure a balanced diet and ample rest

While preparing for your first big exam in life do not forget to follow a healthy lifestyle. This would mean following a balanced diet and a sound sleep. A wholesome diet and ample rest help you to be focused on your studies and retain the lessons for a longer period.

Cut off all distractions

One of the vital points to bear in mind is that you have to get rid of all the sources of distractions. There are plenty of means available to get distracted in today's world. If you are addicted to social media sites, you have to prepare your mind to stay away from digital devices. The internet and the entertainment industry have plenty of resources to distract you but you have to stay focused.

Seek guidance

One of the best tips is to take help from private tutors or online resources. Tutopia learning app provides online coaching classes to students of the WB board. Since you are preparing for your Madhyamik exam, access their class 10 online classes to stay ahead of your peers. There are various great reasons why you should opt for Tutopia. Their animated video tutorials make learning a fun activity as it teaches you in a storytelling manner. You get to attend online classes which make you feel as if you are present inside the classroom. On top of that, the chapter-wise notes and regular revision sessions lend a hand to make you the perfect learner. The cherry on the cake is that the study materials are provided exclusively in the Bengali language.  Irrespective of whether you are a class 10 or a class 12 student, trust on Tutopia learning app to come out with flying colours in the exams. Install their app today to access the various useful features.