The Most Helpful App for Students

Posted On : 05 July 2021
Posted By : Admin

The world pandemic has rendered the traditional modes of education useless. The online platform has emerged as the only way for educators to impart knowledge to their pupils. There is no doubt that the students of this era have the grit to overcome all hurdles, however, they only require a little aid from well-designed and effective educational apps for students of the West Bengal board. Tutopia learning app has seamlessly integrated education and technology. This app has proved to be the most useful and lucid learning app for thousands of WB board students from the security of their homes.


What are the unique features of the Tutopia learning app?

Tutopia learning app is the brainchild of Subrata Roy. This app is conducive for all Bengali medium students of the West Bengal board because it is the best educational learning app in Bengali. This present-day learning app is nothing less than a boon for thousands of students of the West Bengal board. The noticeable features that make Tutopia learning app the best learning app are mentioned below:

·  Tutopia learning app employs audio-visual tutorials that assist in easy understanding of each topic.

·  The scholarly and renowned teachers conduct video classes on each and every chapter of each subject included in the WB board syllabus.

· Tutopia learning app is available at extremely affordable prices.

· Tutopia learning app provides chapter-wise notes on each subject. The notes are in easily downloadable PDF format.

· The practice sessions in the MCQ format offered by the Tutopia learning app makes it easy for students to excel in examinations.

· The time-based preparatory tests introduced by the Tutopialearning app offer each student a chance to assess their progress in each and every subject.

· Tutopia learning app makes use of impressive 3D graphics, animation to impart education through video classes.


How does the Tutopia learning app assist students?

Tutopia learning app is an integrated e-learning platform that brings outstanding digital education to the students of the WB board. This effective learning app incorporates multimedia with audio-visual tutorials by the best teachers. Each video class in the Tutopia learning app is carefully planned. These video classes contain the story or the subject matter of the chapter itself, then comes the detailed analysis of the chapter. Tutopia learning app is beneficial for students due to the below-mentioned reasons:

1.    Video classes:

The comprehensive and high-quality video classes cover all subjects and chapters taught at the WB board schools.

·    The syllabus is in strict adherence to the West Bengal board curriculum

·    Includes attractive graphics to aid education.

·    Qualified educators conduct the classes


2.    Practice sessions:

The students are provided with enough practice sessions.

·   Multiple Choice Question format practice session papers

·   Explanation with each correct answer

·   The correct answer with explanation automatically pops up after two consecutive incorrect answers.


3.    Chapter-wise notes:

The chapter-wise notes help students understand and analyze each chapter.

·    The notes are prepared as per the updated curriculum of the WB board.

·    The notes are in PDF format, hence easily downloadable.


4.    Preparatory tests:

Tutopia learning app conducts several preparatory tests to help students become more confident.

·    The test papers are set in MCQ format

·    The tests are time-based.

·    The tests allow students to self-assess themselves


To conclude, the Tutopia learning app is the most helpful app for school students all over West Bengal.