Ace Madhyamik with Tutopia Learning App

Posted On : 03 July 2021
Posted By : Admin

Preparation for the Madhyamik exam has become all the more challenging with the horror of Covid-19 spreading far and wide. The sudden closing down of all schools has made it very difficult for thousands of West Bengal board students to continue their studies. Many pupils who dwell in the remote corners of  Bengal do not have access to modern gadgets. Tutopia learning app is a latter-day learning app for Madhyamik students. The mastermind behind this app was concerned about these problems and launched the Tutopia learning app with the aim of making world-class digital education affordable and available to all the students preparing for their Madhyamik exams.Tutopia learning app offers WBBSE online classes to pupils so that the lack of infrastructure may not hinder education.

How has Tutopia learning app transformed online preparation for Madhyamik exams?

Tutopia learning app is one of the best apps for students who are all set to appear for their forthcoming Madhyamik exams. This integrated e-learning platform provides lucid learning by incorporating multimedia with futuristic audiovisual tutorials by erudite and experienced teachers. This platform for outstanding digital education for Madhyamik students has emerged as the most efficient learning app for students due to the below-mentioned reasons:

1.  Video classes:

The carefully planned and comprehensive video class is a great technique of imparting education. Each of these video classes contains two layers. Firstly, the story or the subject matter of the chapter itself is explained in detail. Secondly, a detailed analysis of the chapter is offered to the students. These premium quality video classes cover all subjects and chapters included in the WB board curriculum.

•             The Tutopia learning app syllabus closely adheres to the recently updated West Bengal board curriculum.
•             The video classes incorporate catchy graphics to make learning fun.
•             The classes are conducted by adept educators.
2.  Chapter-wise notes:

The provision for chapter-wise notes in the Tutopia learning app is a great feature. It helps all students understand and analyze each and every chapter of each and every subject.

•             The notes are prepared in accordance with the recently updated curriculum of WB board.
•             The notes are in PDF format. These notes may be downloaded with just a click. They come in handy for several revisions.
3.  Practice sessions:

The effective Tutopia learning app offers students enough practice sessions. These valuable sessions make it easy for them to perform very well in each of the exams.

•             The practice session papers are set in Multiple Choice Question format.
•             Detailed explanation is provided with each correct answer.
•             Two consecutive incorrect answers are followed by an automatic pop-up of the correct answer with explanation.
4.  Preparatory tests:

Another feature of Tutopia learning app is that it conducts preparatory tests for students at regular intervals. This boosts their confidence and makes them exam-ready.
•             The test papers are set in MCQ format
•             The tests are always time-based.
•             The tests assist in self-assessment.
To conclude, Tutopia learning app encourages active learning and ensures that the Madhyamaik students prepare really well. Moreover, the students may be sure that Tutopia learning app only offers education as the updated syllabus.