Five Good Reasons for Studying Online

Posted On : 24 April 2022
Posted By : Admin

Don't you absolutely love attending online classes from the comfort of your residence?

Given a choice between attending online and offline classes, the majority of the students would pick the option of online learning.

Unlike the earlier times, internet connections and smartphones are available to a wider population of people now.

The digital platform has proved to be a great boon for the community of learners and instructors. Not only has it facilitated the continuation of education during the pandemic situation but also has proved its merit in progressing education.

As a student in West Bengal, if you are looking to study online, Tutopia is the most popular app that provides online coaching classes.

Has this thought ever crossed your mind as to what might be some substantial reasons for you to pursue online lessons?

You are at the right place as this blog will enumerate the top five good reasons why you should be in favour of the mode of online learning.


Students can learn more

Students learn the concepts faster and in a much better way while they are a part of an online learning community.

The employments of engaging and lively elements in online classes make them more appealing and attention-grabbing to the students.

They can proceed at their own chosen pace and at a preferred time slot as long as they do not lag behind on catching up on the lessons in a punctual manner.

Learners pick up the concepts faster in an online class than in a conventional in-person class.


Online Courses have Higher Retention Rates

Recent research has found that students tend to lose their focus mid-way in a physical offline class whereas they tend to remember the concepts longer in an online class.

Online courses have proved to be advantageous as they have helped students to increase their concentration and retain the lessons taught for a longer period of time.


Online Learning is less Time-Consuming

Online classes have enabled you to avoid the hassle of transportation, thus saving both time and money.

Instead of spending time looking for your notebooks and textbooks, you have the study material at your hand i.e. in your smartphone or on your laptop.

You can dedicate the time saved to read up on your course module in detail.



Online Assessments are Advantageous

Students can certainly make the best use of the fact that they can take the short online tests that are readily available.

This helps them to not only revise the topics but also stay up-to-date with the practice of appearing for examinations.

Many educational institutions are opting for Open Book Exams (OBE) to make the process much more convenient and smoother for the students.

While it is not desirable to consult your books during a test yet this option is likely to write your answers more efficiently and productively.


Online Learning is Environment Friendly

While it is definitely beneficial for students, another plus point of online learning is that it is an eco-friendly alternative.

It has been reported by the University in Britain that online courses compare to an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer carbon dioxide emissions per student.

One of the factors that ought to make you choose online classes over offline classes is that you would also be serving the cause of mother Earth as it is more environment-friendly.


 Why Should I Choose Tutopia?

The first choice for students of the West Bengal board right now is Tutopia.

Tutopia is the leading educational app that provides fun and easy online courses to various classes of the boards of WBBSE and WBCHSE

Although currently, they offer online tuition classes exclusively in the Bengali language to students of the West Bengal board yet they would soon launch courses for both ICSE and CBSE boards.


What are the Exceptional Features Offered by this App?


Live Video Classes

Tutopia is the sole app that provides real-time audio-visual classes that feels just like attending a tuition class in reality.


Detailed Class Notes

Tutopia provides you with comprehensive topic-wise notes for every subject.

You also have the opportunity to download these notes available in PDF format for future use.


Revision Sessions

Tutopia believes in the motto that "practice makes perfect."

Therefore, it is their aim to turn every student into a perfect learner which they do by offering revision sessions at regular intervals.


In Conclusion

While online learning is the greatest mode of learning in the current situation of restrictions and limitations yet not all of us seem convinced.

Digital learning and educational apps are on the boom and are invaluable for the progress and evaluation of the pedagogical system.

One of the best learning apps that are presently popular in the market is the Tutopia learning app.

Whether you are a student of class 8 or have been just promoted to class 11, you can rely on the trustworthy educational app Tutopia to score incredible marks in your exams.