Various Features of the Tutopia Learning App>

Posted On : 31 January 2022
Posted By : Admin

Tutopia is a digital learning platform which has been launched recently in Kolkata providing
online coaching classes for school students of West Bengal board. The noble initiative of this app
was to not let the studies of the WB board students get affected adversely. During the pandemic,
education had almost come to a halt and students were not getting adequate resources to prepare
their studies from home. Tutopia has some unique features such as providing the study content
exclusively in Bengali. This has proved to be a great blessing to students from Bengali-medium
schools as they can access the content in Bengali and consequently, do not have to face the
language barrier. Educational apps for students have come to be an indispensable part during
the period of extended lockdown. This blog details some of the features of the learning app
called Tutopia that have made it remarkable.

Live Audio-Visual (AV) Classes
With the advent of the learning app Tutopia in West Bengal, live online classes have been
facilitated which has redefined digital education. Their aim is to not let the pandemic interrupt
with the preparation of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) school
students who can easily opt for an online platform like Tutopia to fill the gap. Tutopia brings to
you video classes of superior quality which are easily comprehensible.

Chapter-wise Notes

Tutopia provides you with top quality chapter-wise notes on each topic of all the subjects. These
comprehensive notes assist in proper understanding and analysis of individual chapters. These
notes are available in PDF format and available for download and future use.

Practice Session
Tutopia is a staunch believer in the phrase “practice makes perfect.” As a result, we provide our
students with practice sessions covering all the chapters to turn them into perfect learners. Quite
conveniently, these practice sessions are prepared in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format.

Preparatory Tests
In order to ensure students have learned the topic well, Tutopia has introduced preparatory tests.
These MCQ format tests will help the students self-analyse their learning and be better prepared
to face the exams. As these are time-bound tests, it will be easier for the students to appear for
these tests in a systematic way.


Tips for Top-notch Preparation
Apart from paying attention to classes at your school, and taking the help of coaching beyond
classroom, a student should ensure that she is disciplined and has a strong will to learn and grow.
At an initial and preparatory stage, the school students have to make sure that make sure that
they have clearly grasped the lessons that are taught in their respective classes. Next, students
can opt for one of the efficient ways to score higher marks in the exams, which is by solving
previous year question papers and/or sample papers. This would help the students to not only
broaden their knowledge base but also have an idea about the pattern of questions that might get
asked. Thirdly, the students should make sure that they are able to write short notes on the
modules of syllabus that they are covering in their personal study.

Turtopia offers live online classes for students of the classes 8, 9, 10, and 11 of West Bengal
board. Chapter-wise notes and the revision classes give the feeling of attending a class in reality.
Practice tests for each topic on all subjects help students to remember their concepts better.
Students must make it a point to strictly adhere to the prescribed subject textbooks and prepare in
accordance with the syllabus. The experienced faculty at Tutopia will help you learn with ease
and excel in your various class and WB Board examinations. If you want to take your exam
preparation to the next level, opt for online classes app download. As a student you can always
explore the miscellaneous opportunities offered by online learning apps like Tutopia. Over and
above all these, the student has to be confident and have faith in herself.