Best E-learning App in Bengali

Posted On : 01 July 2021
Posted By : Admin

The world is going through tough times. And the students, the future leaders of the nation, are the worst sufferers. Lost opportunities to receive education are perhaps far more terrifying than lost revenue. It is true that some online education platforms have come up to help students to continue their studies even in these challenging times, but most of these apps are designed for English medium students. Tutopia learning app is the best e learning app in Bengali and hence, is appropriate for Bengali medium students of the West Bengal board. Further, the Tutopia learning app is surprisingly affordable and offers excellent education online.

How can Tutopia E-learning App in Bengali make a difference?

Tutopia learning app is an integrated e-learning app designed to fulfill the requirements of the students attending the WB board exam online class in the present situation. E-learning is a new concept and one may think that this mode of learning is difficult. However, it is far from the truth. Tutopia learning app is designed for modern-day students who think that mainstream education is taxing. In order to make learning interesting both the medium and the process of learning must be made easy and engrossing; the Tutopia learning app does just that. The specialties of this app are as follows:

•       Unique video classes: Tutopia learning app is a distinct e-learning app in Bengali. The superior quality video classes conducted by reputed teachers make all the chapters of each subject easily understandable. The best thing about the audio-video sessions is that each video class contains dual layers. The basic layer teaches the actual chapter, while the next layer deals with the complexities of the topic. The explicit explanation helps in thorough understanding.
•       Detailed and downloadable notes: Tutopia learning app provides chapter-wise notes as per the recent WB board syllabus. These notes are in PDF format and arm each student to properly understand each and every chapter. The thorough analysis of each chapter of each subject is of great help for pupils.
•       Practice session: Tutopia learning app provides West Bengal board students with vivid practice sessions. The papers are set in Multiple Choice Questions format. Practice sessions are provided for all the chapters of every subject. Every correct answer is provided with an explanation. Further, the correct answer with an explanation pops up after two consecutive incorrect answers.
•       Preparatory tests: Tutopia learning app allows students to appear for multiple preparatory tests at regular intervals. Each of these tests are time-based. The preparatory test papers are set in MCQ format. These tests enable students to self-analyze their learning and get rid of their fear of examinations. These tests help in better preparation on each subject.
To conclude, the Tutopia learning app is much more than a random e-learning app in Bengali. It has made world-class digital education available to Bengali medium students and it is affordable. The tutorial content of each subject is so engrossing that any average Bengali medium student will overcome all hurdles on understanding a subject. Moreover, the use of 3D graphics has made the Tutopia learning app a well-loved app by students.