How can you stop worrying about attending school Classes?

Posted On : 08 April 2022
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No School? No Worries!

Who is that student amongst us who has not missed attending regular school lessons? The answer is nobody!

During the pandemic-induced lockdown when all the educational institutions were shut down, we all have missed the recess break or that friendly banter with our friends.

Considering the urgency and the gravity of the situation, we all had accepted the notion of Work From Home (WFH) which roughly translated for us students as attending online classes from the location of our residence.

Parents and guardians were mostly worried about the education of the students as it would be adversely affected.

Although it is a common conception that no school equals all fun and play yet we are here to debunk the myth.

The global pandemic has altered a lot of things including the education of school students. An absolutely wonderful feature that emerged and gained popularity was that of online classes.

Consequently, the school students and their parents have nothing to worry about in this blog we are going to discuss how Tutopia learning app has emerged as the leading digital platform for the students to do their school studies or prepare for their upcoming examinations.

What is Tutopia?

Tutopia app is the most popular educational app at the present moment in West Bengal.

Tutopia was launched with the noble mission of providing online coaching classes to the students of the West Bengal board.

Subsequently, it emerged as the most notable online coaching centre for the students of the boards of WBBSE (class 10) and WBCHSE (class 12).

There was a time when it seemed that schools and other educational institutions were indispensable and their physical shutting down would give rise to an atmosphere of catastrophe and degeneration. 

Thanks to a bunch of educational apps, we students can now study online and prepare for the examinations from the safety and comfort of our homes.

Why Do We Prefer Tutopia?

There are a host of reasons why sincere and hard-working students like us go for the option of Tutopia. These are –

Real-time Video Classes

We get to attend live video classes as and when they are being taught by the teachers. This makes us feel like being present inside a real-life tutorial.

Chapter-wise Notes

We get access to thorough and detailed chapter-wise notes on each topic of every subject. As these are available in PDF format we can retain them for future use at a time of our preference. This gives us a chance to supplement what we have learned during the class.

Revision Sessions

It is futile to just go through the lessons and not revisit them. In order to memorize the concept, we need to revise them which we can do with the help of the revision sessions held at regular intervals.

Instant Doubt Resolving

Got a doubt and want it to be answered quickly? We simply post it on the Q and A page and get instant solutions.

Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Those of us who are subscribed to the Tutopia app have free and unlimited access to short and engaging video tutorials on every topic of all the subjects.

Timed Tests

The option of self-test within a limited period of time gives us ample scope to be well-equipped to encounter the school exams.

Why Should I Download the Tutopia Learning App?

Tutopia is a unique app that has the motto of ‘practice makes perfect.’

Consequently, it offers multiple facilities for students to revise their lessons and go through the concepts that they have learned.

Once you take a subscription to this app, the exceptionally talented team of teachers will ensure that you get the best learning experience that would readily act as an adequate substitute for school classes.

We just adore this app as the Tutopia course fees are modest keeping in mind the goal of making superior teaching affordable to a wider section of students and reaching education to every household of Bengal.

What is ‘Partner with Us’?

As students, we are grateful that this app was launched at a crucial juncture of time when we felt the need for it the most.

Largely owing to the presence of interesting and helpful educational apps like Tutopia the void that had been created by the lack of schools has been filled.

During the situation of the pandemic, one of the most profitable businesses is that of the education sector.

The best option for those looking to open a profitable business is that of Tutopia Private Limited.

Visit their website and check their ‘Partner with Us’ page in order to take Tutopia franchise and be involved in serving the cause of the students.

Just like we have made certain that our preparation is top-notch, you too can opt for Tutopia app download to excel in your studies.