Class 10 Online Classes

Why is Class 10 fundamental?

The initial and key milestone in the life of a West Bengal board student is the Madhyamik examination which is the official class 10th board examination of West Bengal state board. Students are bound to be both nervous and excited as this is a turning point of significance. Class 10th is too decisive as it determines the prospect and future course of the students. Every student wants to perform remarkably well in the first major competitive examination of their life. Tutopia, the new age learning app provides coaching for 10th online class which will make your exam preparation smooth by guiding you for your Class 10 school exams as well as the much anticipated Madhyamik examination.

Benefits of choosing Tutopia for your class 10 (Madhyamik) preparations:

  • Passionate aspirants only have to gain from the fact that we are the only app conducting live online classes for Class 10 (Madhyamik) of West Bengal board.
  • The medium of instruction Tutopia uses to deliver study content for online Class 10 is exclusively in Bengali language.
  • Students do not feel the deficit of attending tuition classes in reality owing to the chapter-wise notes and regular revision sessions.
  • As the candidates embrace themselves for the upcoming exam, Tutopia assists by providing practice tests for each topic on all subjects which help students to master their concepts.
  • You will study with ease and excel in your class 10 (Madhyamik) WB Board examination by the virtue of our veteran teachers.
  • Tutopia is the best learning app for class 10 (Madhyamik) available in West Bengal.
  • Consider subscribing today to get to know about more options!

How to Study for WB Board Class 10 / Madhyamik (Preparation Tips)

  1. The first duty of the students is to have a clear notion of the official syllabus prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) before commencing their exam preparation.
  2. One of the tried and tested ways to score higher marks in the exams is by solving previous year question papers and/or sample papers.
  3. It is up to the students to make sure that they have clearly grasped the curriculum that is taught in their classes.
  4. Aspirants must strictly adhere to the prescribed subject textbooks and prepare in accordance with the syllabus.
  5. Take care to ensure that you can write short notes on what you have read in order to master the concepts thoroughly.
  6. If you are interested in the latest update on your Class 10 (WB Board)/ Madhyamik Exam preparation, follow Tutopia and keep learning.

Importance of Class 10

Class 10 is the first significant public exam that the students have to appear for. Up until now students have had to appear for solely those exams which were conducted by the school authorities and the answer scripts were checked by the school teachers. Madhyamik examination provides a level playing field for the students of class 10 from all over the state. Therefore, it is quite important for the career of the student to pass the exam with flying colours. Students of Class 10 should possess a thorough knowledge of what has been taught in each subject up until that standard. By providing online classes for class 10, Tutopia has become a popular digital learning platform for Bengali-medium students.

Features of Tutopia –

Live Audio-Visual (AV) Classes

As Tutopia made its appearance in West Bengal, a new era of digital education has been created thanks to the feature of live online classes. It is our mission to brave the pandemic in order to facilitate seamless education of the WBBSE Class 10 students. Tutopia brings to you engaging AV classes which make you feel as if you are present inside the brick-and-mortar classroom.

Chapter-wise Notes

Tutopia’s chapter-wise notes of superior quality covers each topic of all the subjects. These notes are quite comprehensive in nature and it allows suitable understanding and analysis of individual modules. Students can download these notes for future use as these are available in PDF format that enables the student to get back to it at a later point in time.

Practice Session

Tutopia holds steadfast the inspiring motto “practice makes perfect.” Accordingly, to turn our students into perfect learners, we provide them with practice sessions at regular intervals comprising all the topics. These Practice Sessions are prepared in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format, and therefore, are quite simple and convenient for students to get involved in these.