Class 9 Online Classes

How is Class 9 Fundamental?

One of the most important classes in the life of a school student is class 9 as this is the class right before class 10 in which one has to appear for the board examinations. A lot of students start the preparation for class 10 board exams right away from class 9. Till class 8, the pressure brought to bear on the students is lesser as the syllabus remains somewhat lenient. This is the standard from which denser and more detailed study content is incorporated into the syllabus. It is vital that students sincerely pay attention to the lessons taught. Tutopia is a learning app recently launched in West Bengal which provides online classes for 9th class so that they can learn in the most efficient way.

Advantages of choosing Tutopia for your class 9 studies:

  • The sole app which offers live classes for online Class 9 of WBBSE is Tutopia.
  • Study material for Tutopia’s online Class 9 is totally in Bengali language.
  • Students get the feeling of attending a real-life tuition class thanks to the Chapter-wise notes and the Revision lessons.
  • Students get an enhanced retention of the concepts owing to the Practice tests for every single topic on all lessons.
  • Learn with ease and excel in your class 9 WB Board examinations with the help of our team of skilled teachers.
  • Tutopia is the best learning app for class 9 available in West Bengal.
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How to Study for WB Board Class 9 (Preparation Tips)

  1. Before getting started on their exam preparation, students must have a clear notion of their respective school syllabus.
  2. Solving past year question papers and/or sample papers is one of the infallible ways to score higher marks in the exams.
  3. Students should make certain that the lessons that are taught in their respective classes are intelligible to them.
  4. Students should ensure following the prescribed subject textbooks and prepare keeping in mind the syllabus.
  5. Make it a point that you are able to write short notes on what you are reading while studying the syllabus modules carefully.
  6. Stay in touch with Tutopia alongside personal learning for the latest update on your Class 9 (WB Board) Exam preparation.

Importance of Class 9

WB Board class 9 is considered as one of the vital stages in the career of a student. The students are introduced to new and in-depth concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, English, History, Geography, and specially the science subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In this class students have to realise the significance of each subject as after class 10, a selection of stream needs to be made according to their inclination. As this is the class from which a student encounters extensive learning, they have to make sure that they acquire a distinct understanding of the modules taught.

Features of Tutopia–

Real-time Audio-Visual (AV) Classes

When a new-age learning app like Tutopia was launched in West Bengal, live AV classes held on this platform redefined digital education. We endeavour to not let the pandemic bring to a halt the preparation of the West Bengal board Class 9 students who can fill the gap by choosing an online platform like Tutopia. Engaging AV classes brought to you by Tutopia gives you the feeling of being present inside the four walls of a classroom.

Chapter-wise Notes

Chapter-wise notes of high quality on each topic of all the subjects are furnished by Tutopia. At this important stage it is crucial that the lessons are lucidly clear and the comprehensive notes by Tutopia assist in proper understanding and analysis of the chapters. As these notes are available in PDF format, students can download and retain them for future use.

Practice Session

Students are provided with practice sessions covering all the chapters to turn them into perfect learners. The phrase “practice makes perfect” is something that Tutopia believes in staunchly. This factor acts in favour of the students as these Practice sessions are prepared in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format.