Major Course Discount on Tutopia for Class 10 and 12 Students - 2023

Posted On : 29 December 2022
Posted By : Admin

Tutopia Learning App brings the best discount for all students studying in classes 10th and 12th this New Year season. The admission fees have been discounted to 1399 from the earlier package of 7080.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime discount you should not miss. Grab this opportunity to prepare for your class 10 and 12 boards from the experts. Ever since its launch, Tutopia has helped hundreds and thousands of students across West Bengal excel in their education. They have scored good marks in Madhyamik and gotten the streams of their choice with good merit results.

Tutopia is the best learning platform for Bengali medium students.

Why choose Tutopia for Board Exams

Tutopia makes learning easier and more convenient. You can study at your own pace and also get your doubts resolved.

A major reason why you should take this discount deal is because of the affordable factor. Many other educational apps do not offer such reasonable packages when it comes to online courses.

At Tutopia we value education and learning above anything else. This golden opportunity to help students across West Bengal access high-quality and professionally curated course material at a discount price of 1399 instead of 7080.

The following are some benefits of online education for class 10th from Tutopia and why it is a compelling option to think about:

The "Home" Benefit

Students now find learning to be engaging and enjoyable because of digital learning. Before, there were two possibilities for students: either they would travel every day to and from the coaching lessons, or they would settle for a local tutor who might not be the best teacher. but no longer! You can now learn from the top online courses under the direction of the best instructors.

Without the introduction of the internet and its wonderful nationwide connectedness, learning from anywhere would not have been conceivable. With the help of tutopia's online classes, you may now learn while relaxing at your home thanks to the digital age.

Get Out of the Traffic

The need to commute to coaching sessions every day, especially after school, has been abolished by online programmes. Rush hour traffic is not something you have to deal with. Alternatively, you can grab a glass of water or milk, freshen up, and begin learning at your leisure at home.

Long distance travel to and from coaching classes can be very taxing. Tutopia's online study programmes eliminate the need for daily traffic jams while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to learn under the supervision of professionals.

Best Online Direction

Having reliable guidance is quite beneficial when children are in the schooling stage. Everyone aspires to be the greatest in today's fiercely competitive world. While our students receive tutoring from some of India's top professors and subject-matter experts, we make sure that we give our students our all by providing 24-hour support.

Teachers from Tutopia also help students with their homework and larger assignments. Teachers can develop an effective teaching style for each student when they provide each one of them individual attention.

How do 10th class students grade excellence results with Tutopia?

Tutopia helps students of class 10th not only to focus on their studies but help students in their financial terms and conditions. We help students of this generation to grow with good marks by having the best guidance and best mentors who are there for their help. So, what to check out more for when Tutopia is here with you students and parents.

Here's new offer for 10th class students

To all the students and parents now we at Tutopia are glad to announce that Class X - Admission Fees now 699 instead of 3540 (Secondary Students). This Special Offer is going on for class X and Class XII students in the year 2023. In this special offer we are providing the best support and assistance to our 10th class students.

Our mission behind this offer is that nowadays we know that education is becoming more costly but we at Tutopia believe that everyone has the right to education. So, we have come up with this special offer that students can enjoy.

How can the Tutopia learning app can help class 12th students?

Your 12th standard is the first step in developing a great career. In order to be admitted to reputable colleges or universities at this level of education, you not only need to do well on tests, but you also need to comprehend the material thoroughly in order to lay a solid foundation for your future studies.

We use online education as a powerful tool

Online learning for class 12 has simplified, facilitated, made it more convenient, and made studying for exams more engaging for both students and parents due to its effectiveness. It has exceeded their expectations by offering them a variety of advantages over conventional learning techniques. It enables students to study at their own convenience and makes it easier for them to successfully juggle it with other responsibilities.

We are economical

Online learning is thought to be more cost-effective than more traditional learning methods for enhancing in-person instruction (like tuition programmes). By taking affordable online lectures in the language of their choice, students can save a significant sum of money. Additionally, they have internet access to study materials and notes. Additionally, students can avoid spending money on photocopying a sizable portion of the notes required to study for the class 12 board exams.

Simple Access to Good Study Material

The three most crucial elements for academic achievement are self-study, access to high-quality resources, and time management, and online learning makes all three possible. The caliber of the provided information is one of the most amazing aspects of online learning. Subject specialists spend countless hours researching topics in order to compile the greatest online study resources for students and make concepts more thorough and understandable.

Here's new offer for class 12th from Tutopia

Here's great offer: Admission Fees now 1399 instead of 7080 (Higher Secondary Students). Special Offer is going on for class X and Class XII students in the year 2023.

We at Tutopia think that everyone has a right to education, despite the fact that we are aware of how expensive education is getting in today's society. Therefore, we have created this unique offer that students can take advantage of.

Great!! We all hope that you will like our offer and participate!!